Ryan Reynolds Wants To Cameo In It's Always Sunny - And Rob McElhenney Has A Role In Mind

The sports-induced and somewhat ridiculous bromance between "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star and creator Rob McElhenney and "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds is an awful lot of fun. The two joined forces when they purchased the Wrexham A.F.C. soccer club, as documented in the FX series "Welcome to Wrexham," and they've been creating chaos together ever since. So fans of "It's Always Sunny" have been wondering if Reynolds would ever make an appearance on the series. After all, he's not exactly known for taking himself seriously, and there's plenty of opportunity to cut loose and get weird on the long-running FX comedy, so why not? 

In a totally bonkers interview with Buzzfeed that involved the duo getting loved on by a whole pack of puppies, McElhenney and Reynolds broached the topic of a cameo on "It's Always Sunny" that sounds pretty positive for fans of the series. Not only did McElhenney say that it was something that could "be arranged," he also had an idea for exactly which character Reynolds could play — and Reynolds was totally onboard. 

From bromance to onscreen romance

When asked if the duo would ever consider Reynolds appearing on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," McElhenney suggested , "Mac needs a boyfriend," and while Mac (McElhenney) got catfished by Dennis (Glenn Howerton) in season 16, he hasn't been given a boyfriend yet. Reynolds agreed to play Mac's hypothetical boyfriend, so that means it could happen in season 17! There's no telling how a goofball like Mac could score someone like Reynolds, but then again they could always write him in as some kind of character Mac would actually end up with. Maybe the gang spends the entire episode trying to figure out how Mac managed to get such a catch, only to discover that Reynolds is the only "normal" McPoyle. Or maybe they don't have Reynolds play Mac's boyfriend at all, since the internet's already expecting it, thanks to that interview. 

There's plenty of options for having Reynolds appear on the series, from playing someone tied to a previously established character to coming up with something completely new. I think it would be great to have Reynolds play Mac's Canadian cousin, "Canadian Mac," just like Sean William Scott played "Country Mac," or maybe have Reynolds play himself on a TV series where he visits dive bars. Reynolds and McElhenney seem like they have a lot of fun together on "Welcome to Wrexham" and behind the scenes as they promote their team, so whatever they come up with for "It's Always Sunny" is sure to be comedy gold.