Explore Endless Movies: Win A One-Year Pass To MUBI From Your Friends At /News

It almost goes without saying how committed /News is to spreading the Good News of Moving Pictures to as many curious minds as possible. Our rotation of critics champion all the biggest and most deserving titles while shining a light on the movies that deserve greater awareness, we have an ongoing column dedicated to the most recent Blu-ray releases worth picking up, and best of all, our comprehensive newsletter rounds up the biggest news stories — day in and day out — all in one convenient place so you never miss a thing. With that in mind, what better way to live up to our mission statement than by taking a moment and giving back to our most loyal readers? 

/News is proud to announce a new contest giveaway that aims to put literally thousands of movies in the palm of your hand, and you can enter our exclusive contest today here. Everyone and their mother already knows about the major streaming services (you know, the same ones that keep jacking up their prices, smother subscribers with all those annoying ads, and hardly carry any titles older than the average used car), but what if we told you there was a much more interesting alternative designed for and supported by genuine movie-lovers? For a pair of lucky winners, that dream can come true thanks to our exclusive reward: a year-long and all-expenses-paid premium subscription to MUBI (valued at $80).

Read on to find out how you can be eligible for this highly sought-after giveaway!

How to enter this /News contest

Have you ever bemoaned the sorry state of pricey streaming options available to us these days? Are you tired of random algorithms dictating the most "popular" movies and shows on your home screen? Do you miss the all-important human touch that makes the idea of expanding your horizons and seeking new experiences so invigorating in the first place? If so, MUBI might very well be the service for you. Billing itself as "A place to discover ambitious films by visionary filmmakers. From iconic directors to emerging auteurs," this is much more than your garden variety streaming service. A distribution company, streaming platform, and one-stop shop for movie aficionados all at the same time, MUBI is a godsend to those who live and breathe cinema.

I know what you're thinking: With a prize this good, there simply has to be some sort of a catch. Well, today's your lucky day. Although this contest is open to U.S. residents only and will be held between March 27 and April 10, 2024, the other qualifications for eligibility couldn't possibly be easier. All you have to do is be either a new or current subscriber to our official /News newsletter. If you've never done so before, head on over to this link and enter your email address to subscribe. Not only will two subscribers selected at random have a chance to win a free year of MUBI (winners must remain subscribed to the newsletter and will be notified via email after the contest ends in two weeks), but they will also receive access to /News's all-encompassing newsletter packed with movie and trailer announcements, reviews, trivia, and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter this incredible giveaway..