Freaky Friday 2 Is Freakin' Happening, With Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Return

For one glorious and weirdly prolonged moment in the early 2000s, audiences simply couldn't get enough of body-swap comedies. Two extremely different people from very opposite walks of life magically turned into each other overnight! They looked the same and talked the same, but deep down they weren't who they seemed to be! Hijinks ensued!

Because Hollywood is absolutely no fun and more or less stopped letting movie stars do their thing, this trend died out with a whimper over time (we used to be a proper country, etc.) ... but maybe it's now getting the comeback it deserves? Rather than something new and original, however, Disney is going back to the drawing board and resurrecting 2003's Millennial classic "Freaky Friday." I guess we'll take what we can get at this point. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on a new sequel in the works, finally gaining traction over 20 years after the original. That's not all, though. Stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are reportedly "in negotiations" to reprise their roles as everybody's favorite mother/daughter duo of Anna and Tess Coleman, who inexplicably switch bodies one fateful night after a particularly intense argument, some fortune cookies, and an oddly-timed earthquake. Naturally, only love and mutual understanding of each other's situations could reverse their fates.

The comeback narrative extends to both (potentially) returning stars, too, as Curtis is riding high off of her Oscar-winning turn in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" along with her appearances in David Gordon Green's "Halloween" movies as Laurie Strode. Lohan, meanwhile, recently cameoed in the "Mean Girls" movie musical. More details below!

Freak(ier) Friday

What's better than a young mom overwhelmed by her impending wedding and a teenage daughter struggling to deal with school, a new crush, and her musician aspirations? Well, how about revisiting the same mother and daughter as grown adults and at very different stages of their lives? It'd be pretty wild if the same two people somehow ended up reliving the exact same body-swap scenario all these years later but, hey, that's why I'm not the one writing these movies.

THR reports that Nisha Ganatra (known for Hulu's "Welcome to Chippendales" series, the Dakota Johnson-starring "The High Note," and "Late Night") will be taking the lead as director on this new "Freaky Friday" sequel, stepping in for the original film director Mark Waters. Jordan Weiss (the animated "Harley Quinn" series and creator/writer of "Dollface") is writing the script and is said to be taking a "multi-generational approach to the story." Whether she'll be borrowing anything from Curtis' own "Freaky Friday" sequel pitch ... well, we can dream, right?

This is far from the first time that Disney has attempted to work its magic with this property, itself based on author Mary Rogers' 1972 children's book. The 2003 film is actually preceded by the 1976 film of the same name (starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster), not to mention a made-for-TV Disney movie from 1995. There is even a 2018 Disney Channel Original Movie based on the "Freaky Friday" stage musical that I'm just discovering for the first time right now. What a world!

There's no word on whether this "Freaky Friday" sequel will be released in theaters or on Disney+, but stay tuned.