Cool Stuff: Star Wars Travel Bags Make Getaways Easy For Jedi, Rebels, Imperials & Mandalorians

Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, as Han Solo so famously condescends to Luke Skywalker as they try to escape some TIE Fighters in "Star Wars: A New Hope." But thankfully, traveling around Earth is about to get easier for "Star Wars" fans, thanks to a new collection of travel bags from the pop culture lifestyle gear experts at Heroes & Villains.

Inspired by the iconography of the "Star Wars" saga, Bioworld's Heroes & Villains has released a collection of weekender and toiletry bags that not only look cool, but they're also fantastically functional for quick trips where you don't want to bring a bunch of luggage with you. Heroes & Villains sent over a pair of the weekender and toiletry bags so we could take a closer look. Featuring looks inspired by the Jedi, Rebel Alliance, and Mandalorians, this new collection is stylish and sturdy, but that also comes with a saltier price tag. However, if you can afford it, you'll be rewarded with some great gear that makes traveling easier and shows off your fandom.

Bioworld's Heroes & Villains (who recently released some cool, band t-shirts inspired the Cantina Band and Max Rebo Band) sent over the Jedi Weekender Bag and Jedi Toiletry Bag for me to check out. As you can see, it comes in a shade of blue with faux leather accents and features a metal badge of the Jedi's winged blade of light, representing a lightsaber and a living sunrise. It's a more subtle expression of "Star Wars" fandom, as you won't find a logo anywhere to make the obvious connection.

Traveling on the light side (of the Force)

The Jedi Weekender Bag can be carried as a tote by the webbing top handles or converted into a duffel bag with an included longer strap that you can throw across your body. In addition to the two exterior zip pockets with velcro flaps on the outside, there is also a separate bottom compartment that is made for storing shoes, complete with vents that will let certain smells be aired out rather than contained for a surprise whiff later. 

Inside, not only are there several compartments for organization, but the Jedi Weekender Bag also includes a removable cinch bag that you can use to keep your dirty laundry separate from the clean clothes. 

As for the Jedi Toiletry Bag, it's much more simple, but is designed to pair perfectly with the Jedi Weekender Bag. With the same aesthetic and materials as the larger bag, this one has a main zipper compartment for all your important toiletries, as well as an internal mesh slide pocket to keep items separated. Other sundries can be store in outer zipper compartments. Plus, the entire toiletry bag comes with a strap that can be unclipped and attached to the luggage bag, just to make sure you don't lose all those important travel toiletries. 

For the light traveler, these are some quality items. The only downside is the pricepoint: The Jedi Toiletry Bag is $40, and the Jedi Weekender Bag is $150. That's on the higher side for this kind of travel gear, but once you get them in your hands like I did, you'll see they're of a higher quality. Having utilized backpacks and other gear from Bioworld's Heroes & Villains, I can tell you that they're durable and get the job done. Plus, they're "Star Wars" themed without being obvious and tacky.

Below, you can see the Rebel Scum Weekender Bag and Toiletry Bag, the Mandalorian Weekender and Toiletry Bag, and the Imperial Weekender, which all have the same features as the above bags but with some slight variations. (There was once an Imperial Toiletry Bag too, but it's not currently listed on the website.) Take a look at all of them below: