One Of The Funniest Guys Alive Is Getting An HBO Series, As He Deserves

Tim Robinson's unmistakable brand of cringe-comedy humor is setting its sights on its next victim(s), but rest assured — we're all trying to find the guy who did this. That "guy" would probably be all of us who gleefully devoured Netflix's sketch series "I Think You Should Leave" and vaulted the comedian and former "Saturday Night Live" actor to the cream of the crop, turning the worst fictional societal monster this side of Larry David in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" into a ratings juggernaut. We have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

In one of the wisest comedy decisions made in recent memory, HBO has now decided that it wants in on the Tim Robinson business. You'll undoubtedly want to put his latest production on your radar, titled "The Chair Company." According to Deadline, this new series has been given the go-ahead for a half-hour pilot episode that's executive produced by, written by, and starring Robinson. He'll be joined on the creative side by his frequent collaborator Zach Kanin, who will also co-write and executive produce the project. The report briefly describes the premise of the series as:

"[...] after an embarrassing incident at work, a man (Robinson) finds himself investigating a far-reaching conspiracy."

Does that kind of sound like a hilarious sketch of "I Think You Should Leave" writ large and taken to its most absurd conclusion? Absolutely. Does this have both our curiosity and attention? You better believe it.

HBO teams up with Tim Robinson

After providing all sorts of laughs for Netflix subscribers (here's a pro-tip based on recent personal experience: maybe don't try binging "I Think You Should Leave" episodes on an international flight while everyone around you is trying to sleep), Tim Robinson is paying it forward and taking his talents to HBO for the perfectly banal-sounding "The Chair Company." While we'd much prefer the news that the network had greenlit an entire season for the new comedy series, the pilot episode will hopefully convince HBO to push all their chips to the middle of the table and fully commit to one of the funniest people currently working.

This marks the latest creative partnership between Robinson and Zach Kanin, who first teamed up while writing episodes of "SNL" and went on to co-create two shows: the short-lived Comedy Central series "Detroiters" and, of course, Netflix's "I Think You Should Leave." Robinson is flying high after the release of the third season of their hit sketch series last year (which /News's Chris Evangelista originally reviewed here), various cameos and appearances (including a stealth cameo in "Scream VI" and a voice role in an episode of the animated series "Invincible"), and even multiple well-deserved Emmy wins and nominations for his comedy work.

Oh, and as a little nugget tossed in at the very bottom of the article, Deadline muses that "I Think You Should Leave" "remains alive at the streamer with new installments possible." There's no word on when that might happen or when "The Chair Company" will ultimately see the light of day. Either way, the more Tim Robinson on our screens, the better. Until then, we'll be re-watching the ridiculous "Darmine Doggy Door" sketch on an infinite loop.