Cool Stuff: RSVLTS Happy Gilmore Shirts And Golf Gear Are Just Easin' The Tension, Baby

Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass. If you find yourself playing 18 holes and fitting that bill, you can lessen the blow a little bit with a great new collection of golf gear inspired by one of the greatest golf movies ever made: "Happy Gilmore" starring Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, and the legendary Carl Weathers. 

In fact, "Happy Gilmore" is simply one of the best sports movies period. That's why it still resonates after all these years, so much so that Netflix is working on a sequel that puts Adam Sandler back on the links. If you're looking to celebrate the hilarious comedy while crushing the ball at the tee, RSVLTS has a new line-up of shirts featuring artwork and imagery inspired by some of the best moments from "Happy Gilmore." But that's not all, because they also have some golf club covers, ball markers, and even some cool dad hats. Even if you're a hockey player, you won't be able to resist this new stuff. Take a look below!

You won't have to kick your own ass

First up, RSVLTS has a quartet of polos with imagery that takes cues from "Happy Gilmore." As you can see above, there's a pair of shirts in honor of Chubbs. The green "Cut Me Down in My Prime" polo shirt features a certain alligator missing an eye, as he holds on to Happy's golf ball in his mouth. But the alligator doesn't look quite so intimidating when he's standing and waving, as he does alongside Chubbs and Abraham Lincoln from heaven at the end of the movie. There's also a yellow "Play for Chubbs" polo shirt featuring the decapitated head of the alligator after Happy has gotten sweet revenge. The pattern also includes Happy's custom hockey stick putter and the wooden hand that Chubbs sports throughout the movie, which appears in its various stages of distress (the shirt is also available as a short sleeve button-up).

Meanwhile, the "Happy Things" polo shirt also includes Chubbs' wooden hand, the custom putter, and the alligator, along with artwork depicting Ben Stiller's abusive nursing home orderly, Happy's old construction site boss Mr. Larson, a fistfight with Bob Barker, Shooter McGavin himself, and even a Subway sandwich on a tee to help keep you healthy and strong. There are plenty more nods to the movie all around the shirt too. And finally, "You're Gonna Die Clown" pays tribute to one of the most frustrating miniature golf courses we've ever seen. Not only does it feature the Happy Land Mini Golf sign, but it also has several of the holes from the course, including the challenging earthquake hold and a certain clown missing his nose. This design also comes in a lighter blue as a short-sleeved button-up.

Speaking of Happy Land, your friends will be jealous when you show up with this Happy Land Mini Golf t-shirt, and you can pretend that you actually went to the golf course where they shot "Happy Gilmore." Why tell such a blatant lie? Life is short. Feel the thrill of deception. 

Tap tap taparoo

Since it can get pretty sunny out on the golf course, you're gonna want some mobile shade so you can not only pull off your best shot but keep your face from getting sunburnt. So why not go with these "Happy Gilmore" hats? Inspired by the hats of the '90s, there's a snapback hat featuring Happy Gilmore's name, but with his last name first, as he's announced on the golf course. 

Following a similar path, there's another hat featuring Happy's first opponent on the course: Lafferty, Daniel. Imagine being the first guy to lose to someone like Happy Gilmore. Sure, it might feel like a crushing blow to your golf career at first, but when Happy becomes a champion and gets that gold jacket, you have a much better story to tell. 

Finally, inspired by some of Chubbs' famous advice on the course, this hat features Happy's frustrated version of his approach to putting. Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo. That makes this a caparoo! For those keeping track, the color scheme is also the same as Happy's black and yellow Boston hockey jersey. 

Face it, Happy, you are a golfer

Finally, since every golfer needs more than just a good-looking outfit to be a pro, RSVLTS also has some accessories that will make all your opponents jealous.

First up, there's a trio of golf club covers: one featuring the one-eyed alligator who took Chubbs' hand, another with the clown from Happy Land Mini Golf, and one more with the design of Happy Gilmore's hockey jersey. What better way to keep your clubs free of dust?

On top of that, so you don't have to worry about a caddy taking your quarter or using valuable crackers, RSVLTS also has these "Happy Gilmore" ball markers. There's Chubbs' taped-up hand, the alligator with a golf ball in his mouth, junior hockey Happy Gilmore with his big hair, Mr. Larson bending Shooter's golf club, Ben Stiller's nursing home orderly shushing Happy's grandma, and Happy's caddy wearing a beer-dispensing helmet. You'll always know where your ball is on the green with these fun markers.

Plus, RSVLTS has a bunch of other items from their first "Happy Gilmore" collection that are still available in their online shop, so check them out now.