One Of The Best Modern Horror Franchises Is Getting A New Movie Next Summer

One of horror's most reliable franchises is coming back for a brand new installment next summer. While little has been revealed by way of specifics, Sony Pictures has dated "Insidious 6" for next summer. The film is now due to hit theaters on August 29, 2025, per Variety. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly, supernatural lovers of the world.

What's truly interesting is that this is just one of two new "Insidious" movies in the works at the moment. Sony and Blumhouse Productions are also collaborating on a spin-off titled "Thread: An Insidious Tale," which will star Mandy Moore ("47 Meters Down") and Kumail Nanjiani ("Eternals"). Jeremy Slater ("Moon Knight") set to write and direct. In short, the long-running franchise is expanding after taking a five-year break between 2018's "Insidious: The Last Key" and last year's "Insidious: The Red Door."

Dating back to director James Wan's original breakout hit "Insidious" in 2011, this franchise has been remarkably consistent. That film pulled in a genuinely surprising $99.5 million against a nothing budget of just $1.5 million. Be that as it may, Wan asserted himself as the real deal on that film, making an awful lot of very little. Horror fans ate it up, and the series has been going strong ever since. Now, it figures to be a staple of the genre landscape for at least another couple of years.

Insidious 6 feels like a no-brainer

There is no word on who will be in the director's chair for "Insidious 6," nor is it clear who will star. It's also unclear if this will be more of a direct sequel to "The Red Door," or another story entirely. With the release date on the books, one imagines we'll be learning more sooner rather than later.

Sony and Blumhouse's bullish expansion is not hugely surprising given the recent success these films have enjoyed. Directed by franchise star Patrick Wilson, "The Red Door" was the biggest horror movie of 2023 at the box office with $189 million worldwide until "Five Nights at Freddy's" ($291.4 million) came along to steal its thunder. Even so, against a mere $16 million budget, the film was a huge win financially, becoming the highest-grossing entry in the franchise.

"Best" is a subjective term when we're talking about this stuff. That having been said, regardless of what one thinks, the "Insidious" films have been remarkably consistent. Across five entries spanning 13 years, the series has pulled in more than $740 million worldwide against combined budgets totaling just $42.5 million. That's a wild rate of return for the studio, yes. More importantly though, the audience for these movies has been shockingly consistent, with the subsequent entries generally earning more than their predecessor, save for 2015's "Insidious: Chapter 3." That loyal audience can't be ignored. That consistency can't be ignored. Sony, wisely, is not ignoring it.

Look for the new "Insidious" movie in theaters on August 29, 2025.