The Longlegs Trailer Teases What Could Be The Best Horror Movie Of The Year

If there's one thing that actor Maika Monroe is going to do, it's put on a brilliant performance in a critically-acclaimed horror movie that's destined to be underseen and underappreciated by most of the general moviegoing public at large. The scream queen's first real breakthrough role came in 2014's "The Guest" and she wasted no time following that up with "It Follows" (which is receiving a sequel with the original cast reprising their roles), 2022's criminally underrated "Watcher," and the Paramount+ original "Significant Other."

This time, however, the star is backed up by none other than Nicolas Cage and actor-turned-director Oz Perkins on "Longlegs" in the hopes that audiences will be right on time to appreciate whatever scares and compelling imagery await. This latest horror feature comes with a fair amount of hype behind it, with previous trailers setting the stage for an occult thriller with one heck of an unsettling sense of atmosphere. Monroe stars as an FBI agent named Lee Harker who stumbles upon a case involving a string of murders — one that's much more than meets the eye. While her character gets the bulk of the screen time throughout this newest trailer released by NEON today, the true scene stealer would have to go with the disembodied voice of a thoroughly sinister-sounding Cage, who appears to be playing the killer at the heart of this freaky mystery.

Check out the footage at the above link!

Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage star in Longlegs

Bruce in "Jaws." The T-rex in "Jurassic Park." Godzilla in, well, "Godzilla." Horror marketing has a long and storied history of hiding its main monster from audiences as much as possible, a creative choice that's certainly paid dividends throughout the genre. Now, Nicolas Cage in "Longlegs" might just be ready to enter the pantheon ... presuming he and the movie live up to what's been some seriously great promotional work up to this point. NEON has helped produce and distribute plenty of worthy titles throughout the years and "Longlegs" looks to be another win. Starring Maika Monroe, Nicolas Cage, Blair Underwood, and Alicia Witt, the film comes from writer/director Oz Perkins (yes, the son of actor Anthony Perkins). For anyone who might somehow still be on the fence about this, just check out the synopsis below:

FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) is a gifted new recruit assigned to the unsolved case of an elusive serial killer (Nic Cage). As the case takes complex turns, unearthing evidence of the occult, Harker discovers a personal connection to the merciless killer and must race against time to stop him before he claims the lives of another innocent family.

Add on the Book of Revelations imagery, the possibly supernatural events surrounding the case, and the ominous echoes of "Silence of the Lambs" ("Is it scary being a lady FBI agent?," a kid asks Monroe's character early on in the trailer) and we're pretty confident in this film becoming this year's can't-miss horror event. We'll soon find out what "Longlegs" actually means when the film drops into theaters on July 12, 2024.