Adam Wescott

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Washington DC
Kenyon College
Anime, Japanese And American Comics, Chinese And Japanese Cinema
  • Adam grew up in the Philippines, where he watched "Pokémon," "Fullmetal Alchemist" and "Digimon Tamers" every week on television.
  • He's interviewed such folks as popular musician Kenshi Yonezu, prolific indie game translator vgperson, and members of the actual play podcast Friends at the Table. This last interview would serve as the basis for the podcast's recent mini-series "The Road to PALISADE."
  • Adam runs a culture podcast together with his friend Alex, "Double AA." They've covered such subjects as P.E.O.W., "Chainsaw Man" and the influential indie RPG "Nepeshel."


Adam Wescott is a long-time blogger and fellow excavator in the culture writing mines. He came of age reading reviews on sites like AV Club and Star Crossed Anime Blog, and hopes to follow their lead by introducing audiences to fantastic work just outside their purview. He currently writes for Crunchyroll News and /News, and has been published at Anime News Network, Anime Feminist, and Anime Herald. When not writing, he sells books at an independent store in Washington DC. His favorite works include "Revolutionary Girl Utena," "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Peking Opera Blues."


Adam Wescott has a BA from Kenyon College, where he majored in English with a concentration in Asian Studies.
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