Addison Peacock

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Los Angeles, CA
Shenandoah Conservatory, Cal State Los Angeles
Women In Horror, Horror/Thriller Television, Sitcoms
  • Addison was a featured guest panelist for Ghouls Magazine's Anniversary Panel on the French horror film "Raw."
  • Addison serves as a resident horror film expert for the DireGentleman YouTube channel, where she has contributed analysis of various horror films and television shows.
  • Addison interviewed prolific horror showrunner Nick Antosca when his show Channel Zero was still on its first season.


Addison has worked as a professional writer for seven years, beginning her career at The Horror Honeys, a site dedicated to women in the genre, while she was still completing her undergraduate education. Since then, she has continued her writing career as a contributor at outlets such as The Mary Sue, The Establishment, Dread Central, and Fandom. She also writes for a number of podcasts on Bloody FM, Bloody Disgusting's official podcast network. She puts her lifelong obsession with horror movies, cartoons, and television to use as a feature writer for /News.


Addison received a Bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory, which intimately acquainted her with the art of storytelling as a performer. Next, she received a Master's degree in Television, Film, and Theatre from Cal State Los Angeles, where she learned the nuances of story structure and analysis of work in all three mediums, as well as their rich history. While working toward her Master's degree, she worked as an intern in the Film Development department at Blumhouse Productions.
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