Andrew Housman

Photo of Andrew Housman
Staten Island, New York
Trinity College In Hartford, CT
Slasher Franchises, Marvel Comics, B-Movies
  • Andrew's role as a film curator for the Hoboken International Film Festival showed him how to review and write about films for a public audience.
  • During the month of October, Andrew tries really hard to watch at least one horror movie a day, and his quest helped him watch franchises like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th in their entirety. Even the bad ones.
  • Paul T. Taylor shouted Andrew out on Twitter once for writing an article that gave the actor his due credit as the bearer of the Pinhead torch in Hellraiser: Judgment.


Andrew is an avid writer, researcher, and movie-watcher who started his writing career covering the comic book and graphic novel industry on Comic Book Resources. He also published bylines on the Horror section of Screen Rant, delving into everything from the huge-profile resurrection of the Halloween series to the campy, goopy universe of Full Moon Features.


Trinity College in Connecticut provided Andrew with an opportunity to volunteer and watch films at Cinestudio, a legendary Connecticut movie theater with both HD 4K digital and 70 mm film projectors. Andrew earned a dual degree in History and Religious Studies.
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