Anthony Crislip

Photo of Anthony Crislip
Northeast Ohio
University Of Akron
Classic Hollywood, '90s American Animation, Martin Scorsese
  • Anthony has moderated multiple film discussions at his local arthouse theater.
  • In college, Anthony led the campus film club, programming repertory screenings and local film festivals as well as producing short films.
  • He has interviewed filmmakers such as Nicole Riegel and Riley Stearns.


Anthony has always been fascinated by film and television, and he has always jumped at the chance to write about media in greater detail. Whether he's hosting screenings of cult hits or making picks for his friends' movie night, he has strived to get appreciation for underappreciated films. He is a particular fan of digging into film history, whether it's a chapter that's mainstream or nearly forgotten.


Anthony Crislip graduated from the University of Akron in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production and a minor in English. That mix of study gave him a critical eye towards filmmaking as well as an understanding of filmmaking vocabulary.
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