Demetra Nikolakakis

Photo of Demetra Nikolakakis
Toronto, Canada
University Of Toronto
Movies, TV, Comedy
  • Demetra is an SEO writer for /News.
  • You can count on her rambling about her favorite movies whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • She's also served as the editor-in-chief of As You Wish, a rom-com magazine at the University of Toronto.


Demetra is a major film and tv buff. If she isn't watching some '70s thriller or a detective flick, you can probably find her binging Gilmore Girls. In between, she loves to pretend that she's Andrea Sachs; over the last few years, she's written for a wide variety of publications including Musée Magazine, As You Wish, House Digest, and Her Campus.


Demetra is currently studying English and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto.
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