Bee Delores

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West Virginia
Full Sail University, West Virginia University
The Halloween Franchise, Slasher Movies, Found Footage
  • In 2023, Bee assisted as a pre-screener for the Overlook Film Festival.
  • Since 2018, Bee has interviewed the likes of Tommy Lee Wallace, Ellie Cornell, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Brea Grant, among countless others.
  • Bee has seen Halloween H20 literally hundreds of times and can recite dialogue on command.


Bee Delores has been a working journalist since 2011. With a background in music, they've written for such publications as American Songwriter and Billboard. In 2018, they published a 40-year retrospective on the Halloween franchise and so began their journey in horror writing. They have bylines in Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, Certified Forgotten, Hear Us Scream, Daily Grindhouse, Looper, and /News. Their most prized /News pieces include 35 Best Slasher Movies of All Time and 12 Best Horror Movies about Mental Health. Bee continues building a horror resume with the founding of indie horror blog B-Sides & Badlands and coverage of such film festivals as Fantasia and FrightFest.


Bee received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from West Virginia University and a Master of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. With a love for acting, they are able to delve into performance in a deeply human and complex way.
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