Brian P. Rubin

Photo of Brian P. Rubin
Minneapolis, MN
SUNY College At New Paltz
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek, DC Comics
  • In 2013, Brian provided some of the very first articles for what would eventually become
  • He once wrote questions for Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit board game.
  • His first novel, Dim Stars: A Novel of Outer-Space Shenanigans, won the Next Generation Indie Book Award for YA Fiction (12-16) in 2022.


Brian has worked as a professional writer for two decades. He co-founded the pop culture review site AllNerdReview with Collin David in 2002, and he's been writing for dollars ever since. He was a full time reporter and associate editor for Ellenville, New York's weekly newspaper, the Shawangunk Journal, and wrote extensive features for print publications such as The Chronogram, and Geek Magazine. Brian also worked as a scriptwriter for Machinima's Inside Gaming Daily, as a regular contributor for CollectorsQuest, BestTechie, and ReadWrite, and as a feature writer for Minneapolis's City Pages. He joined Alb Media full-time in 2015 and has been putting his lifelong consumption of comic books, television, movies, and video games to good use by creating features, news articles, and scripts for the company's ever-growing YouTube channels. He is formerly the company's Managing Editor, and is currently the Special Projects Manager.


Brian has bachelor's and master's degrees in English from SUNY College at New Paltz.
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