Cameron Roy Hall

Photo of Cameron Roy Hall
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vernon College, Midwestern State University
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Cameron is a playwright whose catalog includes one-act children's 'edutainment' plays and an unofficial stage parody of "Super Smash Bros."
  • He pens commercials and miscellaneous copy for local companies as part of his ongoing mission to keep Millennial sarcasm alive.
  • Come hell or high water, Cameron's always in a movie theater on discount Tuesdays.


In 2022, Cameron joined Alb Media as a freelancer for the Looper brand. His byline crops up on sister sites like /News and SVG, but Looper is invariably his home for shouting into the void about superheroes and all things fictional. Cameron's previous work can be found on The Gamer and Brave Writer and in all those fancy leather journals he bought at Barnes and Noble.


Cameron received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in theatre from Midwestern State University in 2015.
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