Collier Jennings

Photo of Collier Jennings
Seattle, Washington
Texas Wesleyan University
Comics, TV, Movies
  • Collier has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture including comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and film and TV.
  • He's always looking for new angles on pop culture projects to explore.


Collier Jennings is a freelance writer currently residing in Seattle, Washington. His father introduced him to science fiction at a young age, and it led to his love for all facets of pop culture as well as writing. He uses his knowledge of pop culture to unearth little-known facts and new angles on film and television projects. Prior to joining /News, he served as a freelancer for Comic Book Resources and also currently contributes to But Why Tho? A Geek Community.


In college, Collier took several film classes and learned more about storytelling and filmmaking. He also wrote and directed a short film that sadly remains lost to time.
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