Drew Tinnin

Photo of Drew Tinnin
Austin, TX
The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, Texas State University
Horror, Star Wars, Nineties Independent Cinema
  • Drew is a member of AFCA (Austin Film Critics Association).
  • He is a Tomato-approved critic.
  • He was nominated for a Rondo Award for Best Interview with legendary makeup artist Greg Nicotero (Honorable Mention).


Drew Tinnin grew up in Austin, Texas and eventually moved to New York City where he pursued a career in radio and entertainment journalism. With nearly 15 years of experience, Drew has contributed to numerous print and digital publications, including Fangoria magazine, Dazed, and Dread Central. He has covered multiple film festivals including SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Fest, Sundance, Fantastic Fest and Chattanooga Film Festival. He has conducted interviews with some of the industry's leading talent, including Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, James Marsden, Bruce Campbell, Robert Rodriguez, and John Waters. Drew Tinnin has been a horror fan his entire life and has become a staple in the horror community at large. His favorite films include Dario Argento's Phenomena, George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, and B-movie classics like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama.


After attending North Texas University to pursue music, Drew graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Texas State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and a double minor in art history and religion.
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