Fatemeh Mirjalili

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Melbourne, Australia
University Of Mumbai
Marvel Comics, Fantasy, Romantic Comedies
  • As a journalist, she has conducted interviews with filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Bruce Miller, Warren Littlefield, Ann Dowd, and New York Times best-selling author Ali Hazelwood.
  • A commercial spot of season 5 of "The Handmaid's Tale" features a quote from her Rotten Tomatoes-featured review.
  • She has watched every single adaptation and remake of "Pride and Prejudice," from the BBC miniseries to the Hallmark specials.


Fatemeh is an entertainment journalist well-versed in pop culture and has been writing about film and television for over five years. She has previously written about everything from food to reality television and SEO-focused stories. She has written full-length features and reviews, as well as conducted interviews throughout her tenure at /News. She is passionate about reading fantasy and contemporary literature, going to the movies every week, and rewatching Disney musicals for what may feel like the umpteenth time. Fatemeh was very present on the Internet during Tumblr's 2014 era and is always trying to find a way to use that knowledge to influence her professional work. Along with being published at /News, she has bylines at The Tempest, Film Companion, FanSided, The Things, and Times Knowledge among others.


Fatemeh Mirjalili has a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Advertising.
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