Fiona Underhill

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Los Angeles, California
University Of Exeter (UK), University Of Warwick (UK)
Production Design And Costume Design, British Film And Period Dramas, Classic Hollywood
  • Fiona has enjoyed attending festivals in-person, such as Sundance and TIFF. Being at the premiere of a new Steven Spielberg movie was definitely a life highlight, because her favorite movie of all time is Empire of the Sun.
  • Fiona has conducted many interviews with below-the-line talent, and especially loved talking to costume designers such as Oscar winners Sandy Powell, Alexandra Byrne, and Mark Bridges.
  • Fiona has been asked to contribute to podcasts on subjects as diverse as; the history of movies in the 1940s and '50s, reappraising Miami Vice (2006), and trying to establish just who exactly is the poshest British actor.


Fiona was a teacher of Media and Film Studies for 10 years in the UK. She moved from the UK to California in 2016 and has been a film writer and critic ever since. She has been a freelance film writer and critic for five years and is now a news writer for The Digital Fix. She has bylines at Nerdist, IndieWire and more. Fiona is also a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic.


Fiona has a Drama degree and a post-graduate teaching qualification. Fiona taught many subjects at middle and high school level, including English, Drama, Media, and Film Studies.
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