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Syracuse University
Movies, TV, Sports
  • Jeff has been an avid movie and TV obsessive for most of his life, memorizing past Oscar winners and frequenting the cinema as often as possible. This includes seeing "Fellowship of the Ring" a staggering 17 times in the theater, a fact about which he's not particularly proud.
  • He has previously written for sites such as and covering popular culture, specifically surrounding the area of film.
  • While a student at Syracuse, he won a college-wide screenplay writing contest, and has a background in journalism dating back to his high school days.


When he's not busy watching TV and movies and trying to convince everyone he meets that "The Wire" is unquestionably the greatest series in television history, Jeff Kelly works in the world of college athletics, where he writes press releases, does graphic design, and is a director of social media in what has become his home state of Texas. The Vermont native has always been fascinated with popular culture, and has written for a number of sites in addition to having his work published in multiple books, including's "You Might be a Zombie (and Other Bad News)", which reached the New York Times bestseller list upon release. He has been married since 2009, and has one son. His wife is nearly as obsessive about "Lord of the Rings" as he is, and his son is his household's foremost expert on Super Mario.


Jeff received his degree in history from Syracuse University in 2003, and while a student wrote a number of screenplays and short stories. While in high school student, he served as the editor of his school newspaper, earning his school's Journalism Award to help fund his college education.
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