Jeremy Smith

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Salt Lake City, UT
Ohio University
New Hollywood Cinema, Westerns, Soundtracks
  • In 2005, Jeremy created the website Collider with Steve Weintraub and "American Pie" producer Warren Zide.
  • His first book, "George Clooney: Anatomy of an Actor", was published by Phaidon Press and is available wherever fine books are sold. His second book, "When It Was Cool", a memoir about his experiences as a pioneering online journalist, is due later this year.
  • He was the co-host of the popular "Twin Peaks" podcast "Fire Talk with Me" with Allie Goertz.


Jeremy Smith is an entertainment writer with over two decades of experience that stretches back to the infancy of online journalism. He found his love for film criticism on Usenet forums in the mid-1990s, and quarreled his way into a staff position at Ain't It Cool News under the nom de plume "Mr. Beaks." Jeremy has previously written for film and pop culture websites like Collider, Yardbarker and Ain't It Cool News, and legacy media publications like Variety, New York and Cahiers du Cinéma. Additional credits include Vice, Fangoria, Thrillist, Polygon, Backstory Magazine, Birth.Movies.Death, CHUD, Creative Screenwriting, Endcrawl and DVD Journal.


Jeremy earned a BFA in Theatre Arts & Drama from Ohio University. His scholastic achievements earned him an internship at the legendary Circle Repertory Theatre, where he continued his theatrical education under the supervision of Austin Pendleton and Milan Stitt.
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