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SUNY Delhi, Binghamton University, Queens College
Horror Films, Korean Dramas, '80s Films
  • Jessica has conducted interviews with a wide variety of people in multiple industries such as makeup designer Gabriela Hernandez, Executive Producer Zetna Fuentes, and VFX Supervisor Ian Markiewicz.
  • Jessica once talked her way into an internship working with the art department for the film "You Can Count On Me". During that time, Rory Culkin told her in no uncertain terms that she was Santa's Elf and that she should get him a copy of the "The Safety Dance" for Christmas.
  • She has a tradition for Halloween of watching the 1977 Japanese horror-comedy "Hausu," which she shows with the doors locked and all guests held hostage for the duration of the film.


Jessica stumbled into writing back in 2014 and nobody seems to have been able to stop her since. Jessica has been a professional writer for almost a decade, having written over 1,800 articles with her work appearing on sites such as 148Apps, Geek & Sundry, Sartorial Geek, Gameosity, Sprites and Dice, and /News. Jess trained as a cinematographer at Binghamton University, and she brings the insight learned there to her articles at /News as she delves into horror, science fiction, and fantasy with gleeful abandon.


Jessica has a masters Degree in Library Science with a focus in Archival Studies; a Bachelor's degree in Cinema; an Associates in Liberal Arts.
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