Joe Roberts

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of Sussex, University Of California San Diego, Highbury College
Batman Movies, James Bond, Documentaries
  • Beyond writing, Joe has produced short-form documentaries for companies including Marie Claire and Investigation Discovery.
  • He has attended and covered large-scale events such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and multiple show and movie launch events from London to LA.
  • Joe is a member of the Writer's Guild of America.


Joe has a decade-long career in journalism, starting as a reporter for a regional newspaper in the UK before quickly moving into international news by becoming a Digital Producer for Sky News. His lifelong love of culture led him to start writing on film, TV, and tech in 2014, and he's since contributed to outlets such as TIME, Digital Spy, and ScreenRant. As a staff writer for TrustedReviews, Joe covered major technology conventions, reporting from around the world on everything from self-driving cars to the latest developments in VR. In 2017 he began producing short-form documentaries, overseeing shoots around the globe and directing everything from dating shows to in-depth investigative pieces. Throughout his time producing, he consistently wrote on film and TV, joining Alb Media in 2022 and contributing features and analysis regularly ever since. When he isn't shooting documentaries and short films around Los Angeles, he's working on scripts or probably watching the Tim Burton Batman movies for the 10 thousandth time.


Joe has a bachelor's degree in American Studies from The University of Sussex, which involved a focus on American literature and culture. His diploma in Journalism from Highbury College gave him the journalism fundamentals needed to build a career in writing and reporting.
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