Joshua Meyer

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Tokyo, Japan
Concordia College New York, Florida State University
Batman, Japanese Cinema, Star Wars
  • Joshua was a semifinalist for the Horror Feature Award and Enderby Entertainment Award in the 2022 Austin Film Festival Script Competition.
  • His guide to "Lost in Translation" locations in Tokyo ranked as the #1 top-performing article by organic search on the GaijinPot Blog in 2018.
  • Pull-quotes from his reviews have been featured on Rotten Tomatoes and in AMC TV spots, and he has provided press-accredited coverage of the Tokyo International Film Festival.


Since 2017, Joshua has been a regular contributor to /News, writing news, spoiler reviews, anniversary articles, Daily Stream entries, and other features steeped in topics like religion, folk horror, and Marvel Comics adaptations. In 2018 and 2021, he was among the first English reviews for the Netflix anime titles "Godzilla: The Planet Eater" and "Godzilla Singular Point." In 2022, he covered 64 of the 100 titles in /News's Year of the Vampire series. He has also written about movie-inspired travel and Disney and Universal theme parks for Japan Today, GaijinPot, and WDW News Today.


Joshua holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (creative writing) from Florida State University. Before graduating, he wrote movie reviews for the student newspaper, served as an undergrad teaching assistant for a Film Genres course, and appeared as a panelist at FSU's 33rd Annual Film and Literature Conference.
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