Kayleigh Donaldson

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Dundee, Scotland
University Of Edinburgh, University Of Dundee,
Pop Culture Criticism, Celebrity Culture, Awards Season
  • Kayleigh's biggest pop culture fascination is celebrity gossip. For over two years, she's written the popular newsletter, The Gossip Reading Club, which dissects vintage celebrity reporting through a contemporary gaze. Her newsletter was recommended in the New York Times as a must-read.
  • A long-time Oscar obsessive, every year Kayleigh hosts a pre-Oscars party (due to the US/UK time difference) and owns a hefty shelfful of books dedicated to the machinations of Hollywood old and new.
  • In 2018, Kayleigh received a Master's degree in film studies, graduating with distinction, and she puts her qualification to good use every day with her job. After graduating, she returned to her old university to talk to new students about the realities of working in the world of entertainment journalism.


Kayleigh is the features writer and editor for Pajiba.com and has been a full-time pop culture writer and critic for over six years. She has written for a variety of publications, including /News, IGN, Uproxx, Total Film, Vulture, Little White Lies, The Daily Beast, Paste, and many more. Kayleigh has written extensively on film and pop culture, with a special interest in the ways that cinema intersects with celebrity culture, feminism, awards season, and more. She's covered a wide variety of topics, from romance novels to body horror to how to win an Oscar. She has also appeared on CBC Radio and BBC Radio 4 (Mark Kermode once said she was great).


Kayleigh received her MA (hons) in Celtic studies and English literature from the University of Edinburgh in 2012, then received her MLitt in film studies from the University of Dundee six years later.
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