Luke Y. Thompson

Photo of Luke Y. Thompson
Joshua Tree, CA
University Of Southern California
Sci-fi Film Franchises, The Great Directors, 20th Century British Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV
  • A former newspaper critic and member of the LA Film Critics Association since 2008, Luke used to be syndicated across the 12-paper New Times chain.
  • He has been featured as a talking head in documentaries about the "Paranormal Activity" film franchise, controversial director Uwe Boll, and cult Hollywood actor Douglas Dunning.
  • Has won two LA Press Club Awards, one for headline writing and one for film criticism. He has been a runner-up and honorable mention multiple times.


Luke first became a published author and critic at the age of ten, writing the title poem of the children's collection "I Hate Mustard." He has been writing professionally about film and pop culture since 1999, when he was hired by New Times LA on the basis of his self-published zine, KnifEdge. Has written for most major Los Angeles publications, including the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, E! Online, Deadline, OC Weekly, CityBeat, and more. At Voice Media, he ran the pop-culture blog Topless Robot for two years, leading it in a rebrand that focused on more diverse voices. As an editor at GeekChicDaily, Luke helped to build an email newsletter into the current version of Nerdist. At Deadline, he was the first major trade reporter to cover San Diego Comic-Con panel-by-panel.


Luke was the valedictorian of Smoky Mountain High School, and graduated cum laude from USC film school.
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