Marisa Mirabal

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Austin, TX
Texas State University
Horror, Film Scores, Practical Effects
  • Marisa has been directly praised for her writing by prestigious filmmakers, composers, and set designers, including Darren Aronofsky, Mary Lambert, The Newton Brothers, Christopher Young, and Inbal Weinberg.
  • Due to her extensive knowledge in film and her cross-cultural approach to writing, Marisa has been asked to be a jury member for the Indie Meme Film Festival, Austin Asian American Film Festival, Knoxville Horror Film Festival, and serve on the Austin Film Society grant committee.
  • Marisa's thorough yet casual interviewing style and passion for special effects have allowed her to be invited to several set visits to meet with filmmakers and crew.


Marisa Mirabal is an Austin-based writer and Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic. Her film reviews, editorials, and interviews have been published with /News, Collider, Birth.Movies.Death, Austin Eater, The Austin Chronicle, and Fangoria. Her film analysis is geared towards amplifying marginalized voices, maverick filmmaking techniques, and the exploration of taboo subject matter through thematic storytelling. Marisa is a member of the Austin Film Critics Association and serves on the board of directors for the Austin Alliance for Women in Media. Marisa has a penchant for horror, documentaries, female-led films, and sci-fi. When she is not writing, she can be found sipping whiskey and spinning records deep in the heart of Texas.


Marisa graduated with a degree in psychology and business. Her focus on abnormal psychology, biopsychology, and cross-cultural psychology allowed her to provide a unique voice when writing about a film's thematic elements and cultural relevance.
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