Matt Donato

Photo of Matt Donato
Los Angeles, CA
Hofstra University
2000s Horror Remakes, Schlocky Slashers, The Chucky Franchise
  • Matt is a voting member of the Critics Choice Association and other film critic organizations, lending over a decade of film criticism experience to awards season events.
  • He has been a serving jury member at horror film festivals, has appeared in documentaries speaking about horror films, and has been sought after by outlets for his horror-specific coverage.
  • Matt has seen over 125 Christmas Horror Movies, continually tops watching 100 new-release horror movies a year, and has earned a brand tied to highlighting horror films that others are not talking about.


Matt Donato is a Rotten Tomatoes approved film critic who stays up too late typing words for such outlets as IGN, Bloody Disgusting, Fangoria, Paste, and countless other publications. He co-hosts a podcast called Certified Forgotten about rediscovering horror movies with 10-or-less Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews and co-hosts a weekly livestream with Perri Nemiroff called the Merri Hour. You can catch him traveling (when safe) to film festivals such as Fantastic Fest, SXSW, Brooklyn Horror, and whichever others fit his schedule that year.


Matt graduated from Hofstra's business program and lives the day-job grind when not writing about movies by night. It's given him a perspective into the industry side of studios and filmmaking, which adds depth to understanding how movie culture works as a whole.
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