Maurice Molyneaux

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San Francisco, CA
Classic Sci-Fi Films & TV, Cinema History, Visual Effects And CGI
  • Maurice has practical experience with film and filmmaking going back to making Super 8 movies in high school. He's since worked film shoots in various capacities and has made his own short subjects and music videos.
  • He once directed voice actors including Billy West (Futurama), Janet Waldo (Jetsons), and Jim Cummings (everything) for a video game version of Hanna-Barbera's Wacky Races from a script he co-wrote.
  • He's the lead credited screenwriter on the upcoming feature film "The Blue Mauritius," which got caught in development hell due to the pandemic, and will hopefully got into production this year.


Maurice joined Alb Media in 2023 and has written for publications and sites as diverse as the ACM SIGgraph Magazine, Video Games & Computer Entertainment, the official website, WhatCulture and /News. Over the years he's hung out with and chatted up film and TV folks from James Cameron and John Dykstra to Ronald D. Moore and Seth Green, and attended events and screenings at ILM, Skywalker Ranch, Pixar, and AMPAS. For Fact Trek, a media history project he co-created, Maurice tears apart almost 50 years of mythology about the Star Trek franchise and contextualizes everything in its contemporary media landscape based on primary source research of industry trades and actual production documents. He's currently assisting two TV industry veterans in completing their memoirs for publication. In 2009 he joined the Producers Guild of America's New Media Council.
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