Natalia Keogan

Photo of Natalia Keogan
Queens, NYC, NY
SUNY New Paltz, Craig Newmark Graduate School Of Journalism
Horror Films, Spanish-Language Cinema, Queer Filmmakers, Documentary Trends
  • Natalia is a freelance culture writer who regularly writes about film for publications like Paste and Filmmaker Magazine, while also having her work featured in Blood Knife, We Are Horror, Awards Watch, and more.
  • Her graduate school thesis was a video essay focusing on the intersection of horror films and depictions of gory womanhood—finding that the monster society truly fears most is a woman's uncontrollable body.
  • She has been accredited to cover multiple film festivals, including Sundance, the New York Film Festival, and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.


Natalia is a film writer based in Ridgewood, Queens. Since graduating with an M.A. from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in 2019, she has freelanced for a number of publications, among them Paste Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, Blood Knife Magazine, and Awards Watch. She is particularly interested in examining the intersection of race, gender and sexuality in the horror genre, but has covered an eclectic range of films, directors and cinematic trends within her work. Above all, everything she does is to honor her beautiful (and large) orange cat named Henry.


Natalia was an annoying overachiever while earning her B.A. at SUNY New Paltz, double-majoring in Spanish and Journalism and double-minoring in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. After taking a gap year to sling coffee, she enrolled at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in NYC, cramming courses on podcasting, Spanish-language reporting, arts & culture writing, and documentary filmmaking into her program's three short semesters before graduating with an M.A. in 2019.
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