Nguyen Le

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University Of Houston
Movies, TV, Culture
  • Nguyen is a bilingual (Vietnamese & English) writer about films and culture.
  • He has written for popular and/or award-winning outlets such as Fangoria, AwardsWatch, JumpCut Online, Houston Chronicle and more.
  • He is a member of the Houston Film Critics Society, Hollywood Critics Association and Online Film Critics Society.


Nguyen loves film a lot, so much so he has persuaded his family that he can write about it for others to read (even if English isn't his first language). He made his reviewing debut on TheScriptLab in 2013 while studying journalism at the University of Houston. He also wrote about film and culture for the university's student newspaper until 2016. Afterward, he would write articles for any outlet interested in his fresh perspective or the Asian/Southeast Asian/Vietnamese footprint in cinema such as InSession Film, Houston Chronicle, Fangoria, AwardsWatch, /News and many, many more. He is currently on the vine at Rotten Tomatoes, as well as being a member of various critics groups, including Houston, Hollywood and Online. He is based in Houston, Texas, where if not writing about films, he is searching for the next ideal boba tea joint, recipe, or idea to turn into a script.


Nguyen has a bachelor's degree in Print Journalism from the University of Houston, home of the Cougars, Jim Nantz, Chau Nguyen and Lizzo.
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