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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Movie Sequels, Upcoming Hollywood Projects
  • Nolan Moore is a staunch defender of M. Night Shyamalan and genuinely appreciates most of his movies.
  • He's been a diehard MCU fan since 2008 and can even find the good in flawed projects like "Eternals."
  • He's watched "The Office," "Parks and Recreation," and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" more times than should be legally allowed.


Nolan Moore has been involved in the world of writing and editing since 2013. Across various publications and websites, he's covered a wide variety of topics — from the MCU and MMA to history and horror movies. In the past, he's written for outlets such as Fightland and Atlas Obscura, and at Looper, he oversees articles that keep fans up to date about the upcoming films and TV series they're most interested in.
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