Scott Thomas

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Brooklyn, NY
The Juilliard School
Movies, TV, Comic Books
  • Scott Thomas has worked in the film industry both as a writer and actor for more than two decades.
  • As a writer, Scott has contributed to, The Turf, Stereogum, served as an accredited critic for Fantasia Film Festival, and more.
  • Scott hosts a weekly podcast on the intersection of pop comics and popular culture called The Infinity Podcast who's guests have included Blank Check's Griffin Newman, filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer, and many others.


Scott Thomas is a writer and performer from Chicago, Illinois now based in Brooklyn, New York. A former Co-Creative director of Experience The Ride, Scott has appeared in Red Dead Redemption 2, HBO's I Know This Much Is True (w/ Mark Ruffalo), A24's Skin (directed by Oscar winner Guy Nattiv) and the viral videos of Patrick (H) Willems. Those collaborations led him to write and tweet about film and television. His takes and pieces have been cited by Uproxx, The Mary Sue, and Vulture among others and he's collaborated with writers from The Athletic, Pitchfork, and more.


Scott Thomas graduated with a BA plus Scholastic Distinction from The Juilliard School, where he studied with and collaborated with artists who would shape Hollywood for the next decade plus — including Oscar Issac, Adam Driver, GLOW creator Carly Mensch, and future Green Lantern star Finn Wittrock. He also learned from Tony-winning playwrights such as Christopher Durang and Marsha Norman.
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