Simon Bland

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Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom
The University Of Central Lancashire, Manchester Metropolitan University
Movie Retrospectives, Actor Interviews, The Muppets
  • Simon loves reuniting the people behind much-loved film and TV projects. One time, he interviewed the majority of the "Community" cast alongside series creator Dan Harmon in celebration of the show's 10th birthday.
  • In 2022, Simon was invited to be part of the BAFTA voting jury helping to decide who took home the award for best Entertainment Performance. After contributing to a lengthy deliberation with his fellow jury members, he helped award the BAFTA to UK chef entertainer Big Zuu.
  • When he was starting out, Simon accidentally broke the early rumor news of Thor's Elf villains in MCU sequel The Dark World after a stuntman he was interviewing let slip some pointy-eared details about his time on set. The traffic almost killed his puny movie blog.


Simon is a freelance entertainment journalist based in the North West of England. Over the past decade, he's interviewed countless actors, directors and pop-culture icons and shared those conversations with like-minded movie, TV and pop-culture fans. His work has been published in the likes of The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Independent, Little White Lies, Total Film, SFX, Yahoo Movies, /News and many more. He once asked Sophia Coppola what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of "Lost in Translation" and spoke with Demi Moore about the painfully vulnerable process of making 1990's "Ghost." He's reunited casts for in-depth oral histories and invited iconic movie stars to reflect on their most beloved work via touching retrospectives. Locally, he runs his own what's-on website in Manchester and regularly delivers guest lectures to journalism students at local universities, including Manchester Metropolitan University and Blackpool University.


Simon studied Film and Media at Manchester Metropolitan University before graduating with merit from a Master's Degree in Magazine Journalism at The University of Central Lancashire.
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