Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction
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11 Movies Every Fan Of Pulp Fiction Needs To See
The Killing
Stanley Kubrick’s "The Killing" influenced many filmmakers, including "Pulp Fiction" creator Quentin Tarantino, who cited it as a major inspiration in "Reservoir Dogs."
Both "The Killing" and "Reservoir Dogs" follow a gang of criminals who form an alliance for a job that goes south, causing the team members to begin double-crossing each other.
From Dusk till Dawn
For this Robert Rodriquez film, Tarantino provided the script and co-starred, giving a surprisingly strong performance as sociopathic bank robber Richie.
The characters in "From Dusk Till Dawn" are vile, the violence is excessive, and the story combines horror, suspense, black comedy, and Western influences.
Get Shorty
"Pulp Fiction" revitalized John Travolta's career. A year later, he starred in "Get Shorty," which satirizes the similarities between film production and Mafia dealings.
Travolta plays Miami loan shark Chili Palmer, and the film’s references to pop culture and humanization of ruthless characters make it a great companion to "Pulp Fiction."
"Pulp Fiction" reimagined the hard-boiled tales Tarantino adored growing up through a darkly comedic lens, and "Arkansas" did the same with works of crime literature.
Like Tarantino, actor Clark Duke uses a chaptered framing device in order to spotlight each of his characters, and the film sees actors like Vince Vaughn play against type.
The White Tiger
Ramin Bahrani employs many of Tarantino's hallmarks in his thriller "The White Tiger," including voiceovers, stylized violence, references, and perverse humor.
"Pulp Fiction" and "The White Tiger" are both quite violent, but show the consequences that the perpetrators face, making them come face-to-face with their victims.