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11 Things That Make No Sense In The Predator Series
Jungle Predator
One big loose end in the original "Predator" is the spaceship that brought the Jungle Predator to Earth. It looks at least as big as a school bus.
When the dying Predator activates his self-destruction, the resulting explosion is just one small mushroom cloud, suggesting the ship is still out there.
If the Predators blow themselves up to avoid revealing their presence on Earth, flattening a two-kilometer circle is a terrible way to avoid detection.
Endless Ammo
The most memorable weapon from "Predator" is "Ol' Painless," wielded by Blain Cooper (Jesse Ventura). It was a modified M134 minigun.
The M134 minigun has a firing rate of 2,000 to 4,000 rounds per minute. Such a beast would require so much ammo that even big-bad Blaine couldn't lug it.
Overkill Weapons
Some weapons seem like overkill for mere hunting purposes, and a Yautja's use of force can be disproportionate to the prey in question.
It's one thing to use a shoulder cannon to take out Ol' Painless-wielding Blain. It's quite something else to use a homing weapon like the Smart Disk introduced in "Predator 2."
Sewer Spaceship
The climax of "Predator 2" shows Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) tracking the mortally wounded City Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) into the Los Angeles sewers.
When Harrigan discovers the parked spaceship that brought it to Earth, it leaves viewers to wonder how a spacecraft gets into a sewer, let alone fit in one.