Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in the Prime series Reacher
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12 Shows Worth Watching For Any Fan Of Amazon’s Reacher
1. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
Inspired by Tom Clancy's novels, the series stars John Krasinski as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who works tirelessly to stop terrorists from committing atrocities worldwide.
Unlike "Reacher," the show deviates from its source material but still provides high-quality entertainment, allowing Krasinski ample room to exhibit his natural charisma.
2. 24
Kiefer Sutherland portrays Jack Bauer, a gritty patriot who foils enemies, unravels vast conspiracies, and displays violent tendencies that mirror those of Jack Reacher.
Despite its over-the-top plot twists, the series remains engaging and addictive, largely due to Sutherland's incredible award-winning performance.
3. Homeland
From the creators of "24", "Homeland" follows a brilliant but troubled CIA agent, Carrie Mathison, as she thwarts terrorists and other global threats.
Packed with action, shocking twists, and strong performances, the series is unafraid to take its audience on an emotional rollercoaster — just like "Reacher."
4. Bosch
Based on Michael Connelly's popular book series, "Bosch" delves into the complex character of LAPD detective Harry Bosch, who often bends the rules to bring criminals to justice.
The show requires patience to fully appreciate, as each season presents a captivating mystery and sprawling storylines. However, the payoff is always worth it.
Ultimately, "Bosch" offers viewers an old-school detective thriller featuring a character, much like Reacher, who seems to have magically appeared from a bygone era.
5. Longmire
Set in a fictional town, "Longmire" is essentially a Western series that follows the honorable Sheriff Walt Longmire as he navigates local problems and solves mysteries.
Like "Reacher," "Longmire" doesn't break new ground in the mystery genre, but its compelling portrayal of the protagonist and nuanced character development make it a good watch.