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14 Movies Like American Psycho That Will Get Your Heart Racing
"Nightcrawler" follows Louis Bloom, a videographer who takes his own footage of emergencies to sell to news stations. Gradually, Bloom throws all morality out the window in pursuit of the best-possible, most-shocking footage he can capture. Like Patrick Bateman, he sheds any layers of guilt or ethics he might have once had, ending up as a hollow man.
The Body
In "The Body," a hitman kills someone on Halloween night and carries the plastic-wrapped body through crowded streets — in true Bateman style — where people think it's part of a costume. It's more overtly comedic than "American Psycho," but has some tense sequences that give this film a rare balance of horror and comedy.
Evil and Vile
In "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile," an attractive Zac Efron plays Ted Bundy, and through his casting, audiences understand why Bundy appeared to be so charismatic and attractive to women who romanticized him. The film delves into this uncomfortable topic, given the “glamorization” of serial killers in true crime, but offers a productive discomfort.
God Bless America
"God Bless America" follows Frank who, after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, becomes disgusted by the growing culture of reality TV and the search for online fame. He teams up with a young girl with similar sentiments, and they embark on a killing spree together, making this film rife with black comedy and a deep sense of unease and isolation.
House That Jack Built
"The House That Jack Built" echoes many themes in “American Psycho,” such as Bateman’s obsession with cleanliness, his self-awareness about lacking empathy, and a fascination with escaping the consequences of his actions. As Jack’s murders become more sadistic and brutal, viewers witness an escalation of true evil.