Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling of "Smallville" at "The WB 2003 Winter TCA Tour Party" at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, Ca. Saturday, Jan. 11, 2003. Photo by Kevin Winter/ImageDirect
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14 Underrated Smallville Episodes That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked
1. Spell
Lana, Chloe, and Lois are possessed by the spirit of Lana’s ancestor and her witch coven, who wreak havoc as they continue their centuries-old search for the Stones of Power.
The premise sounds gimmicky, but the episode masterfully blends the show’s sci-fi themes with magic for a whimsical adventure reminiscent of the original “Superboy” comics.
2. Cool
After accidentally falling into a frozen lake, annoying jock Sean gains the ability to freeze anything he touches but needs the warmth from others, leading to their deaths.
In addition to great character development, the episode uses Sean as a sort of anti-Superman and shows how powers can amplify a person’s worst traits.
3. Lineage
While light on action, “Lineage” is filled with family drama and complications, as a woman arrives and claims that she’s Clark’s biological mother and that he and Lex are brothers.
The episode has some dramatic moments but makes up for it with its shocking twists, showing how the meteor shower and Clark’s arrival on Earth have impacted the Luthors.
4. Talisman
Heroes battling equally powerful villains can usually become tedious, but the climactic Clark-Jeremiah showdown creatively uses their abilities in a satisfying way.
The episode also features some nice character development, most notably between Lex and Lana, showing that he genuinely wants to spend time with her.
5. Resurrection
After being revived by a mysterious serum, Vince falls dangerously ill again, prompting his brother Garrett to strap a bomb to himself and demand Vince get a liver transplant.
The plot feels forced as Jonathan, Clark’s adoptive father, is having surgery at the same hospital Garrett’s threatening, but the episode is still a suspenseful, high-stakes story.