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15 Shows Every Fan Of The Umbrella Academy Needs To See
Watchmen is an adaptation of a graphic novel about modern-day society reflecting on the last 100 years of American history, including but not limited to the '80s.
Set in an alternate universe where events turn out differently, the show questions what the U.S. be like if we’d won the Vietnam War or if the Watergate scandal never happened.
“Misfits” is about a group of young adults who are serving community service sentences when they get struck by lightning and gain superpowers.
They're as different as the members of "The Breakfast Club," but grow closer together as they share traumatic experiences and grapple with their weird new abilities.
“Runaways” follows six teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains and that they may — or may not — have some abilities of their own.
Friends of circumstance (they know each other through their parents) who grew apart as they got older, and are thrust back together by a series of traumatic events.
If you want to step outside of the MCU and see a really weird show adapted from Marvel's comics, then you need to watch "Legion."
The show follows David Haller, a mutant who happens to be Professor X's son. The storyline does deal with that eventually, but no background knowledge is required.
The Boys
"The Boys" posits a world in which superheroes are celebrities with managers and public engagements, as well as the tools of corporate entities.
In this world, the heroes are actually the villains and the actual heroes are vigilantes without any powers, working outside of the system to take down the entire enterprise.