Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Star Trek
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6 Famous Star Trek: Voyager Guest Stars Most Fans Likely Forgot
Michael McKean
In "The Thaw," the U.S.S. Voyager finds a planet where several people’s fears have created an evil clown (Michael McKean) inside a complex virtual reality system.
Ed Begley, Jr.
The two-part episode "Future's End" saw the Voyager traveling back to 1996 Earth to battle tech magnate Henry Starling, played by Ed Begley, Jr.
Sarah Silverman
“Future’s End” also features young astronomer Rain (Sarah Silverman), who instigates a flirtatious romance with Tom Paris while Starling salvages Voyager tech.
Jason Alexander
In the episode "Think Tank," Jason Alexander played a sinister alien named Kurros, who leads a think tank of ultra-sophisticated aliens and kidnaps Seven of Nine.
Daniel Dae Kim
"Blink of an Eye" features a planet trapped in a bizarre time bubble. In it, Daniel Dae Kim is an astronaut who visits the Voyager and eventually wages war on it.
Dwayne Johnson
In "Tsunkatse," Seven of Nine is in a martial arts tournament fighting a character played by Dwayne Johnson when he was only known as The Rock.