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A Cut Part Of The Original Ghostbusters Movie Made It Into Frozen Empire
The original “Ghostbusters” script was wildly different before creator and star Dan Aykroyd partnered with co-star and co-writer Harold Ramis and director Ivan Reitman.
However, the filmmakers used Aykroyd’s original script for inspiration. Some of which has made its way into the franchise’s latest entry, “Ghostbusters: Frozen Kingdom.”
Don Shay’s book “Making Ghostbusters” revealed that the captured ghosts were supposed to be held at a storage facility away from the group’s headquarters instead of underneath it.
Shay explained that the storage facility was located “in a deserted Sunoco gas station in northern New Jersey.” “Frozen Empire” seems to make use of this idea.
The new movie shows that the Ghostbusters company expanded and established the Paranormal Research Center inside an abandoned aquarium outside New York City.
In addition to a new headquarters outside the city, the facility has new containment units with viewing windows—another concept from Aykroyd’s original script.
Shay revealed that this idea was removed for two reasons. One was that shooting the ghost inside the cell would be too difficult, given the time and budget.
The other reason for its change was that it was considered too depressing. However, the viewing window did turn up several times in “The Real Ghostbusters” animated series.