Kurt Russell as Jack Burton holding a gun in Big Trouble in Little China
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A WTF Moment In Big Trouble In Little China Was Improvised By Kurt Russell
In a collaboration with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell takes on the role of Jack Burton in the pulpy action-comedy film "Big Trouble in Little China."
Like in Carpenter's earlier film "Escape From New York," Russell wasn't afraid to improvise and suggest ideas, resulting in a hilarious gag for "Big Trouble in Little China."
In “Little China,” Jack kisses his love interest Gracie. Her bright red lipstick smeared onto Jack's lips and stayed there, as Russell thought it would be a great visual gag.
In the oral history published by EW, Russell said, "[In kissing scenes] how come that big red lipstick is always magically not there when the guy pulls back?"
Russell proposed the idea of leaving it on, and Carpenter agreed. The actor added, "I always admired John for that, because the audience is going to go, 'What the f—?'"