Finn holding a flute and Jake wearing a pink hat in Adventure Time
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Adventure Time Star John DiMaggio Understood Nothing About The Show
Although the show would have a massive cultural impact, Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” is one of the weirdest animated series ever made.
Even star John DiMaggio revealed to the LA Times that he struggled to fully comprehend the unusual world that he was helping create when the show started.
DiMaggio, who played the dog Jake with silly putty-like characteristics, said, “I was like, 'I don't get this show.' It was non sequitur, it was hard to follow the scripts.”
He added, “I felt I was in the dark about a lot of stuff and uncomfortable as an actor approaching the role.” DiMaggio would get advice from some of his co-stars.
The actor shared, “Dee Bradley Baker that's in the show was, like, 'Dude, you've gotta just gear up and do this thing and go home and cry in your bag of money.'”
DiMaggio continued, “Then Tom Kenny said to me, 'This is this generation's "Yellow Submarine"' and I was, like, 'All right, let me let it go and follow that advice.'”