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Archie’s First All In The Family Line Sparked A Fight Behind The Scenes
In the first episode of “All In The Family,” Archie and Edith come home from church early and find their daughter and her husband “getting frisky.” Archie’s response upset CBS.
Lear told the New York Post, "Archie's very first line is, '11:30 on a Sunday morning?' The network wanted that line out.” Lear knew the line painted a picture in viewers’ minds.
Lear knew if they changed the line, he would be in trouble from then on over silly things. The producer told CBS if the line didn’t stay in, he wouldn’t come to work the next day.
"It wasn't until the show went on the air in New York, three hours earlier [than California] and someone from my family called and said that it was [kept] in," Lear said.