HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 28:  Actor Bruce Campbell arrives at the premiere of STARZ's "Ash Vs Evil Dead" at TCL Chinese Theatre on October 28, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)
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Ash’s Funniest Moments From the Evil Dead Franchise
Shop S-mart!
At the end of “Army of Darkness,” Ash returns to his beloved S-Mart, where he recounts his adventures to his co-workers; however, his tale is interrupted by a surviving Deadite. A ridiculous battle ensues, as Ash fights the monster in the housewares department for this final over-the-top laugh-out-loud scene.
Who’s laughing?
The events of “Evil Dead II” are enough to push anyone into insanity, and Ash is no exception. When blood gushes in his face from a hole in the cabin wall, Ash snaps and joins the taxidermied deer head and other pieces of furniture in laughter, which is just too infectious to ignore.
Ash vs. Ash
Ash may have already confronted his own severed hand in “Evil Dead II,” but “Army of Darkness” ups the ante and pits the hero against his doppelganger. After being forced to swallow a miniature version of himself, Ash grows a second head belonging to Evil Ash, and what follows is a silly slapstick-style fight reminiscent of “The Three Stooges.”
Drugs and reading
“Ash vs Evil Dead” follows a much older Ash, decades after his battles against the Deadites, who does little more than work at a big box store, get high in his RV, and pick up women. An intoxicated Ash reads from the “Necronomicon” to impress his date and unleashes evil on the world, forcing him to take up the mantle of hero once more.
While Ash is great at many things, he’s not particularly adept at planning or being compliant. After refusing to repeat the incantation’s magic words ("Klaatu barada nikto") a third time to ensure he memorized them correctly, he struggles to remember the final phrase — and his memory lapse winds up unleashing the Army of the Dead.