Barry Keoghan in movie Saltburn
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Barry Keoghan Improvised One Of Saltburn’s Most Bizarre Scenes
The graveyard scene in "Saltburn" is one of those scenes that will stay with you long after you leave the theater. So, it's not surprising that it wasn't initially in the script.
The scene is a long shot of Ollie (Barry Keoghan) crying by the fresh grave of his friend/obsession Felix (Jacob Elordi). On paper, that is all that was intended to happen.
In a recent interview, Keoghan said, "I wanted to see what actually happened, where I would take it. I wanted to be confused and let my body lead the way."
Throughout the movie, his character is completely obsessed with Felix. Keoghan said, "It's trying to find that new level of obsession. Trying to level up on the obsession."
Although it was improvised, Keoghan said the director Emerald Fennell had told him Ollie would probably do something along those lines, but she hadn't told him exactly what to do.