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Barry Season 4 Episode 6 Almost Featured A Cameo From Jennifer Lawrence
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
Season 4, Episode 6 of HBO’s “Barry.”
Season 4 of HBO’s “Barry” has had many great cameos, such as Guillermo del Toro and Sian Heder, but fans were almost treated to a guest appearance by Jennifer Lawrence.
Like Heder, the “Hunger Games” actress would have played herself, but her role was omitted after showrunner and star Bill Hader decided to take the story in another direction.
In Season 4, Episode 6, Barry takes off to kill an old friend and leaves Sally and their son behind, resulting in her terrifying ordeal; however, this wasn’t Hader’s original idea.
That idea had Sally see that a Barry Berkman movie is being made and decide to launch a comeback. This premise would have people online debating who should play Sally.
Hader shared that Sally and their son, John, go to Warner Bros., and the studio tells her, “You’re not gonna believe this, Jennifer Lawrence wants to play you.”
Sally then would meet Lawrence at a party, and the actress would say, “You know what? You should play Sally, not me”; however, the audience soon learns it’s all a daydream.
Hader felt Sally’s daydream was too similar to Gene Cousineau’s arc, leading him and the writers in a different direction where Sally gets that nightmarish sequence instead.