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Batman TV Rights Aren't in Limbo, According to James Gunn
While some are excited about the movement forward for the DCU, others feel anxious about the fate of Batman and have speculated that the character might be in legal flux by being owned across several platforms. James Gunn, happy to put the kibosh on rumors about the DCU, took to Twitter to clarify that the Batman TV rights are all in one place and where they should be.
A report circulated that the TV rights to Batman are “in a legal limbo involving Fox, Disney, and a trio of mergers.” These rumors echo the legal disputes around the 1966 “Batman” series, which only made it to DVD and Blu-ray in 2014. That delay was caused by legal battles between 20th Century Fox, who owned Batman’s broadcast rights, and Warner Bros., who owned the character.
Thanks to that decades-long quagmire, people may still assume that Batman is tied up in legal limbo. However, James Gunn assured fans that the TV rights to Batman are not in flux, and nothing is stopping Warner Bros. from making the Batman shows that it wants. Gunn has also repeatedly implored fans to cease spreading rumors since there are no ongoing legal issues.